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Location: Warsaw, Sowinskiego 18
Number of buildings: 1
Number of apartments: 108
Total PUM: 5,760sqm
Total PUU: 330sqm

WoW Wola project, exactly as its name sounds, is a WOW project! It is characterized by modern, sophisticated and elegant design.

There’s no doubt that our project designed to become the pearl of Jana Kazimierza – one of the fastest developing streets of Wola district in Warsaw.

Construction 47%
Sales 95%

Wow Wola offers 108 apartments, ranging from 27sqm and up to 132sqm.
All apartments have gardens, terraces, or balconies.

The building is equipped with a double facade, consisting of hundreds of metal wings giving the building its distinctive, unique appearance which is yet to be seen in Wola.

The proximity of Jana Kazimierza to the center of Warsaw, together with the parks surrounding the project, and many of Wola’s amenities, the well-thought design of each apartment, and the high standards of the project and its finishing, make it the perfect choice both for families and for young people who seek for their first apartment.

Wola district is rapidly changing, from old factories and warehouses, the district now hosts hundreds of thousands of sqm of newly built offices and is to become Poland main business center, increasing the demand for apartments in the area.

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